Kachelofen Berechnungsprogramm ES

Kachelofen Calculation Basic Profi&Basic 2Plus – INFO


The new Serialnumber 2021 is not compatible with the 2020 Version 2.5xx. Please update your program first to Version 2.6xx befor you use it.  The license key contains only lowercase and numbers. It is important that all license fields (company, country, postcode, street and code) exactly match  with the data from the license mail. To find your licence please click on ‘Imprint’ (at the left side below),  another window opens and you click there on ‘licensee data’.

Link to the current full version 2.6xx (69,3 Mb):

>> kob2602_ES_setup.exe << download now

Save this file on your computer (into the downloads folder) and then run the setup file! The program must be closed at the setup!

System requirements:

Operating System

Windows 10
Windows 8 (32 bit/64 bit): Windows 8, Pro
Windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit): Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium

PC – Hardware Requirements

  • Memory: min. 2 GB RAM
  • Display resolution min. 1024 x 768 True Color


Wher do i find my versionnumber?

After version 1.1 you find the number in the left, down corner of the program window.